Minera Deisi

The Inca´s Stone

The beauty of the Andes in Peru, is recreated among moors and mountainous landscapes located more than 4,000 m high, where the climate, flora and fauna, reflect the predominance of nature over the hand of man. Historically, Peru was the Andean nuclear zone, where the Inca culture achieved its highest levels of architectural development and this cultural heritage remains present in the mining quarries of Minera Deisi, located in the Mantaro Valley Huancayo, Junín; where travertine is mined and processed since the beginning of our operations in January 2006

the extraction processes are manual, using artisan techniques, free of chemicals, respectful with the environment and that optimally preserve the resistance, texture and color of each stone until reaching the customer.

The extractive operations in our quarries are carried out in an environmentally friendly way and respecting both the activities and the daily life of the surrounding communities.

Gianfranco Benavides R. 

General Manager


He is the Director of Minera Deisi S.A.C., Master in Industrial Engineering and he is the one who from the beginning formed, designed, and installed the industrial plant with Italian high-tech machinery in Huaral; and is whom manages the direction of the extraction of the natural stone quarries in the central Andes.



Our Team


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