Why choose us?


We have our own quarries, extraction techniques and a team dedicated to each of our products providing beauty and functionality to your spaces.


The processes that each stone follows from extraction to delivery ensure better resistance to time without losing its textures and appearance.


Our interest is in being a constant support in the projects where you choose to use our products, offering you useful information and podt-sales services that will reinforce your trust in us.

Exquisite design

We have trascended the process of travertine to make it a work of art that captivates at first glance and make its shapes, appearance and textures, a perfect complement provided by nature.

Mystics history

The Peruvian Andes are our best suppliers of natural resources in stone mining, but they are also our greatest link with a fascinating culture of history, and a place on which the Incan empire flourished. They are our greatest reference of strength, but above all, innovation in their construction processes and an unconditional respect for the land from which they extracted a magic stone, such as travertine. 

Inka’s Marble is the new brand, the result of the sustained experience that Minera Deisi has accumulated since the beginning of its operations in 2006 in the extraction and manufacture of this natural stone in its areas of origin; Taking our experience of this processing of this to modern designs capable of reviving all space. We keep the natural details of travertine in harmony with avant-garde decorations, where the style evokes the beats of a culture as mystical as the Andean, in the comfort and elegance of captivating architecture.