Laguna CC

A white cream-based stone with very soft and subtle light fawn tones.

Wayna Picchu VC

A cream-based vein cut stone with distinctive medium cream and pale streaks alongside lightly tanned parallel layers.

Lilac CC

A cream fashioned stone with lilac, mauve and silver undertones.

Volcano VC

A dark-greyish black and brown based color strip banded stone yet displaying whites to auburn earthly gradations.

Volcano CC

An overlapped stone of volcanic colors mixed with earthly shades of greys, black, browns, mauve to whitish and blonde hues.

Albertino CC

A consistent stone that shows assortments of beige, light browns, medium taupe, and cream blends.

Madeira CC

A reliable stone showing the full brown swing spectrum of the brown grades and diversities.

Petra VC

Denotes lineal veinings, clean smooth beige hues with light brown tints resembling wood.

Dalilah VC

Cream back ground with marked gray and silver veins, some brownish streaks show in this stylishly modern stone.

Machu Picchu VC

A dainty beige background stone with fawn, light brownish medium size veins.

Colonio CC

A pastel cream light beige undertone color with undercurrents of medium browns lays around the overview

Chocolate CC

A cross cut dark brown fusion of serial chocolate colors, though homogenous merging of browns.

Andes Gold CC

A rich uniform of creamy yellows and blond shades with light gold; also available in rich dark selections.

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